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The world's largest moray eel

When it comes to expensive ingredients around the world, people tend to think of foie gras from France, ham from Spain, sashimi from Japan, caviar from Iran and grain-fed cattle from Australia. Eel is a very common seafood, generally speaking, we only eat dozens of centimeters. According to reports, a 65-year-old fisherman in Bremerhaven, Germany, caught a 2.4-metre-long eel weighing 75 kilograms, which is believed to be the world's largest eel ever found.

Catch the world's largest moray eel

Willig with eel

According to the report, the eel fisherman named Willig ,He has been fishing for 44 years. "I caught this eel in the Weser River. On the morning of 28 October, I began to lay out my nets on the river as usual, and towards noon I began to haul them. When I lifted the net up I couldn't believe my eyes. There was an oversized eel inside and I thought it was walking fish." Verrich believes the eel is at least 100 years old and is the largest moray eel he has caught in his career.

The eel is on display at the British Museum

the largest eel

Verrich said he sold the eel at the Local Federis Water Market, where the fish market director said it was the largest conger eel the farm had ever received. He will donate the eel to a museum so that more people can see it

The man who caught the biggest eel

As early as the end of the last century, the population of moray eels was drastically reduced by heavy fishing and soon became endangered. The United Nations also has laws and regulations to protect moray eels. China also established a fishing moratorium system in the late 1990s to protect Marine life.