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As are one of the most professional eel farming and processing manufacturer in China, we export more than 2000 ton of live eel to Japan and South Korea each year.

Meanwhile thousands tons of frozen roasted eel (unagi) and frozen raw eel are processed and supplied in domestic and overseas market.

Unagi from china including unagi shirayaki and unagi kabayaki. Unagi shirayaki is roasted eel without any soy sauce or flavoring. It is usually supplied to Japanese restaurants and so the chef could cook it with their own style.

Unagi kabayaki is frozen roasted eel with special unagi sauce.

The consumption of Unagi kabayaki is much more than unagi shirayaki in supermarkets and also restaurants since it is very convenient and ready to eat after defrosting.

 It is very flexible to be processed in different package, such as Individual vacuum packed fillet, slice, portion etc according to the local requirement of different market. 

The perfect taste and convenience food make it be favored by more and more people worldwide especially young people.


All of our products are organic & fresh.