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Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel
Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel
Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel
Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel

Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel

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Unagi is the Japanese word for freshwater eel and kabayaki is a Japanese term for a boned and filleted unagi, grilled with a sweet kabayaki sauce (a specific soy sauce).

 The white meat of Unagi Kabayaki has a firm texture with a somewhat sweet taste. It is a nutritious product, rich in protein and gives people stamina. 

Frozen Conger Eel Unagi Kabayaki is good taste with better firm.

Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel

1.Roasted fresh eel, clear texture of meat, sweet taste, delicious taste, mellow sauce

2.Unadon is a Japanese traditional donburi dish that consists of a bowl of rice topped with grilled eel with sauce based on soy sauce. An eel is called Unagi, and a grilled eel is called Unagi Kabayaki or simply called Kabayaki in Japanese. 

Details about Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel

Item(Species): Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel

Sauce%: 10%sauce as the basic or addition as per request 

Size: 100z-260z

Taste: Sweetnot too tough,firm texture,meat is tender 

Storage&Shelf life: 24months at-18 

Place of Origin: Guangdong,China

Package: IVP or loose packed, 2*5kgs/box; 10kgs master carton 

Terms of payment: T/TL/C



 Cooked Frozen Roasted Eel


 10%sauce as the basic or addition  as per request 




 Sweetnot too tough,firm  texture,meat is tender 

Storage&Shelf life

 24months at-18 

Place of Origin



 IVP or loose packed, 2*5kgs/box;  10kgs master carton 

Terms of payment




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