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Eel Sushi Topping
Eel Sushi Topping
Eel Sushi Topping
Eel Sushi Topping

Eel Sushi Topping

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Eel sushi

Eel sushi is a popular type of sushi.  Sushi is the representative food of Japan, people who have a little contact with Japanese culture know it.  When it comes to sushi, we naturally think of its appearance, its unique texture and taste.  Sushi is a dish made of vinegar rice and fish  

Types of sushi

Look from the large categories, divided into vinegar rice and raw fish bei sushi, Japanese called ”「早鮨」”, rice and fish ingredients by lactic acid  

Bacteria fermentation and cooked sushi, Japanese called "「熟れ鮨」". eel sushi

 Subdivided, in addition to Japan's regional specialty types, common types  there are more than 10.  The most famous of these, and most representative of Japanese sushi, is the pinch grip sushi, which is called "「握りずし」" in Japanese  

 Pinch grip sushi is not only a representative of sushi, but also a synonym for edomasushi, the same in Japanese.  In most countries, the Japanese language remains  The Roman sound of “Sushi “

Rice for sushi

The most important thing to do sushi is rice, so what are the requirements for rice to make sushi?  

There are requirements and there are standards.  We do sushi must not use cold rice can not use overnight rice to do, must choose to use hot rice.  So how can you make sushi rice thicker? 

 At this time we have to pay attention to the proportion, as: sugar and water ratio is 1:4;  The ratio of vinegar to water is 1:3;  

After the proportion is done, slowly add vinegar and water to the rice while it is hot, and slowly stir the rice.

Sushi ingredients

Sushi with a variety of uncountable ingredients, here to list some more representative ingredients: mainly eel, sea urchin yellow, abalone, peony shrimp, scallop, salmon seed, salmon, tuna, cod and so on

The introduction of eel sushi

sushi slice


Frozen   roasted eel sushi topping(slice)


Frozen,   roasted(broiled)

Scientific   name:

Anguilla   japonica, Anguilla Rostrata


6g, 8g


Freshwater   eel, soy sauce

Heat   Treatment

80-120   degree for 27minutes


with   special unagi sauce

Cooking   method:

Ready   to eat after defrosting


with   sweet unagi sauce, smell and taste delicious( the meat is firm and the skin   is chewable)


Vacuum packed, 20pcs/tray



Net   Weight(kg):

It   could be packed according to your request



Shelf   life:

720   days

Place   of Origin:

Guangdong,   China



Lead   Time:

30-45   days


By   sea(-18   cold refrigerator)

Loading   port:



By   sea


6000kg   (1*20GP)

Carton   Size:





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