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Transparent ribbon eels found off South Africa

Aquanaut found ribbon eels with jellyfish.

Divers off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, have captured the incredible interaction of two transparent creatures. One is a transparent white jellyfish, the other is a transparent silk ribbon sea creature, it is the ribbon eel. It's incredible.

ribbon swime

In nature, there are many creatures that have transparent bodies all the time, even the internal organs can be seen clearly. There are also some creatures that are transparent at a certain stage, but are no longer transparent after they become adults.

Transparent ribbon eel

Divers Amy, white transparent jellyfish are common, the other one like a ribbon of Marine life, just don't see what is biological, thought it was a white plastic, can be when it interact with jellyfish, will be swimming, is a living sea creature, only the creature's body too transparent, seems to be no organs, let a person hard to the discovery of traces of it

Ribbon eels with jellyfish

When will this article for more than 1 meter of ribbon transparent creatures to foreign social networking sites, has attracted the attention of many people, including Marine experts Bradley said, this is a developmental eel cub, eel's infancy, it should soon grow to be a normal size shape and color of the eel.

Eels at different stages of growth have different shapes. In order to better avoid predators, the juvenile eels are generally transparent in shape. When the eel is in the leaf eel stage, its body is flat and transparent, as thin as a willow leaf, which helps them to swim long distances with the ocean currents.

Ribbon eel ready to hunt the jellyfish.

The ribbon transparent eels cubs should be a kind of ribbons, ribbon eel adult is very beautiful, when the ribbon eel winding, their body is like a ribbon, but they are also ferocious predators, so the eels cub and transparent jellyfish in the interactive, it is possible that in the jellyfish, ready to hunt the jellyfish.

ribbon eel swim with jellyfish

In eel, they have more, the kinds of approximately 18 kinds of eel, the appearance of the most similar strip coil fish, eels have edible species, also has ornamental eel species, and the most strange is the gender of the eel, eel's gender is not born, but according to the environment, when the eel population, the proportion of females will increase, When the population is large, there are fewer females, and the overall ratio is in favor of the eel population.