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Unagi Japanese eel sushi roll

Eel sushi roll is a special snack in Japan, and its preparation method is not complicated. Many people feel that sushi is not good to roll, often not tight, and not easy to cut. In fact, sushi roll up is very simple, the following sushi roll graphic tutorial to share with you.

unagi sushi-6

The ratio of sushi refers to the proportion of rice and water when cooking sushi rice, the proportion of salt, sugar and vinegar when preparing sushi vinegar, and the proportion of vinegar and rice when preparing sushi rice.

1 The ratio of rice to water

Sushi rice panning wash, drain water, into the rice cooker, according to the ratio of rice and water 1∶1 mixed with water, cooked into sushi rice.

 Note that if you cook more than 5 portions of sushi rice at a time, you should appropriately reduce the amount of water, for example, 6 bowls of rice only need to add 5 bowls of water. 

In addition, if you want to increase the viscosity of the rice, you can also add a small amount of glutinous rice to the rice.

2 Ratio of salt, sugar and vinegar

Sushi vinegar is the basic seasoning of sushi. It is made of salt, sugar and vinegar in a ratio of 1∶5∶10. When making salt, sugar, vinegar and evenly, heat in a pot, let cool can be used. Be careful not to let it boil when heated, so as not to reduce the sour taste of vinegar.

3 Ratio of vinegar to rice

When preparing sushi rice, usually add 1 bowl of sushi vinegar to 5 bowls of sushi rice and stir evenly. Note that the sushi rice should be kept at about 40 degrees Celsius, and it is best to use a wooden spoon and wooden utensils when stirring, and to use a wooden spoon to add vinegar to the sushi rice "chop", to stir it evenly.

4 The seasoning for sushi

Authentic sushi can be sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and many other flavors. Therefore, eating sushi, should be based on the type of sushi to match the flavor. 

For example, when eating sushi, because the stuffing has puyaki eel, sashimi, fresh shrimp, etc., you need to dip in thick soy sauce and apply the right amount of green wasabi; When eating nigiri, it is best not to dip in soy sauce, so that it can eat the original taste.

In addition to thick soy sauce and wasabi, sushi also has a more important flavor ingredient - vinegar ginger. 

Eating sushi with a piece of vinegar ginger, not only help to flavor, and can make sushi become more fresh and delicious.

multicolored eel sushi

unagi sushi-33

Ingredients: uangi kabayaki, rice, salt, sushi vinegar, cucumber, carrot, roe, etc

unagi sushi

Step 1: Add some sushi vinegar, black pepper, salt, colored fish seeds, diced cucumber, sesame seeds and carrots to the rice,

uangi sushi-1

uangi sushi-2

Step 2: After mixing evenly, put on disposable gloves, grab appropriate amount of rice and roll it into a ball in the palm of your hand, then put a piece of puyaki eel on top.

uangi sushi-5

The taste is very rich, with the freshness of eel, the acidity of vinegar rice, the taste of fish roe and the freshness of vegetables, making people want to eat again.

eel sushi roll

uangi sushi roll

Ingredients: seaweed slices, vinegar rice, unagi kabayaki

Step 1: Add some sushi vinegar and salt and black pepper to the rice, grab some rice and shape it into bite-size strips,

unagi sushi roll-1

Step 2: Cover the rice with a piece of eel and secure it with hytess.

uangi sushi roll-3

uangi sushi roll-4

This approach is the simplest, eat is the original taste, the whole piece of sushi to eat. Only in this way can the fragrance completely blend and fill the whole mouth, leaving no escape for the aroma to linger in the mouth for a long time

eel hand roll

Ingredients: seaweed slices, vinegar rice, shredded cucumber, lettuce, salad dressing, etc


Step 1: Cut the nori into a rectangle about 8-9cm long. Line one side with a thin layer of vinegar rice seasoned with sushi vinegar, salt and black pepper.

unagi roll-2

step 2: roll the seaweed sheet with rice into a tube, and glue the joint with rice.

unagi roll-4

Step 3: Put lettuce and cucumber shreds in the canister, squeeze the salad dressing, and add eel strips.

unagi roll-5

The eel hand roll is light and delicious, wrapped in rice and nori, cucumber and lettuce. When you eat it in one bite, all the flavors blend in your mouth. It's filling, light and delicious, and you can eat three or four at a time