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Homemade unagi sauce | unagi recipe

what is uangi sauce?

This is the reaction when you first see the word “unagi sauce”: is grilled eel juice the juice that comes out of grilled eel? In fact, it is not, below with everyone together to have a look!

To put it simply, unagi sauce is a kind of seasoning, which is prepared with high-quality raw materials such as pure Japanese thick soy sauce and flavoring. Unagi sauce is the most famous sauce in eel rice.

unagi with sauce

 It is mainly made from soy sauce, kelp and eel bone. The secret recipe varies from family to family. Not only does the sauce mask the earthy smell of the eel, it's also very tasty. Some old shops that have been passed down through the ages will keep their "old sauce", which must be replenished in proportion to how much they take every day. If they don't stick to it one day, the old juice may be destroyed. 

The sauce contains the painstaking efforts and emotions of the craftsmen of past dynasties, and has gone through countless times of precipitation to form a unique flavor. This sauce, which is older than the owner, is the wealth that the owner guards with his life.

uangi sauce in a bowl

Unagi sauce is sweet and delicious, with a strong taste of unagi, can also be used as BBQ sauce, embellishment on sushi can also add flavor, is a very versatile sauce

Its characteristics include sweet foot, good compound taste, a wide range of uses, and strong adjustability, can be used with a variety of other sauces, flavor effect is very outstanding. At the same time, it has the advantage of blending and removing peculiar smell.

How to homemade unagi sauce?

Ingredients: Certain amount of eel scraps, 1 green onion, 2 carrots, 150g rock sugar,                              3600ml flavor sauce, 900ml sake, 1200ml thick soy sauce

Ingredients of unagi sauce

Step 1 : get all the ingredients ready, because the unagi scraps are not easy to get, you should decide how much unagi sauce to make according to the uangi ingredients, you can decide according to your own situation.

Step 2 : If the unagi scraps are thoroughly tested, the taste of roasting will be more fragrant. In this way, the smell of uangi can be cooked.

Step 3 : Then roast the scallions and carrots.

gilled scallion

Step 4 : then pour 3600ml flavor sauce into the pot.

unagi sauce-4

Step 5 : Add 900ml sake.

unagi sauce-flavor sauce

Step 6 : Wait until it comes to a boil and light it with fire, removing the alcohol.

unagi suce-2

Step 7 : Then add 1800ml thick soy sauce and 150 grams of rock sugar.

Step 8 : Then add the grilled unagi scraps, carrots and scallions.

Step 9 : Melt all the ingredients in a low heat so that the flavor of the unagi scraps can be fully cooked.

unagi sauce-5

Step 10 : Filter unagi sauce, cool it and put it into a bottle, then keep it in the refrigerator.