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unagi rice ball-unagi recipe

The plasticity of unagi rice ball is very high, only unexpected but not impossible. With our ingenuity, it can be transformed into all kinds of delicious food. Today, I would like to introduce this eel cheese rice ball that can be cured in one bite

unagi rice ball-2

The sesame rice balls are wrapped in creamy cheese, and the delicious eels are of moderate fat and thin. After baking, the cheese melts and turns golden brown, the aroma is overflowing, and the appetite is instantly increased. It is a wonderful feeling! HMMM, don't think that such a delicious rice ball is difficult to make oh, in fact, the steps are super simple, let's learn ~

Prepare Ingredients for unagi rice ball

Prepare ingredients : unagi kabayaki, rice, cheese, seaweed, sesame, salt, black pepper;

unagi rice ball-4

How to make unagi rice ball

 Step 1 : wash the rice, add water and a small amount of flavor in the rice cooker, cook. Adding flavor drizzle can make the cooked rice more glittering and full, and then kneading into rice ball can also neutralize the smell of eel, so that the rice ball taste better;

unagi rice ball-5

Step 1 : Remove the cooked rice until it is not hot, then add salt, black pepper, sesame seeds ,unagi and mix well.

unagi rice ball-6

Step 2 : Use disposable gloves to shape the rice into a ball, or add carrots, crushed cucumbers, etc. to add flavor according to your preference

unagi rice ball-3

Step 3 : Put the rice balls on the plate and cut the cheese into quarters. Cover each rice ball with a slice of cheese

unagi rice ball-1

Step 4 : Put it in the microwave or oven, microwave on high heat for 3 minutes, oven set to 200 degrees, also for 3 minutes, take it out after baking;

Step 5 : Sprinkle with Shanghai moss and sesame seeds, and you're done with a super delicious eel and cheese rice ball! Is it so easy?

unagi rice ball

  Pick up a rice ball and bite it down

  Feel all the ingredients coming together in your mouth

  Crispy seaweed, fragrant cheese, delicious unagi

  Each food material has played its biggest delicious

  It's perfect! It's so good it's flying!