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How to make Canned eel rice? | eel recipe

Today's dish, canned rice with eel, is based on the recent popular cartoon Late Night Canteen. Easy to operate, easy to use, I hope it can also give you the warmth of the night ~

caned eel with rice

Ingredients for caned eels with rice

Ingredients : 1 egg, 1 bowl of rice, 1 onion, 3g minced garlic, 1 coriander, 1 lettuce, 1 canned eel

ingredients for ell cans with rice

How to make caned eels with rice?

[Step 1] : Chop the vegetables and shred the onion.

cut onion

[Step 2] : To prepare the dish, line the canned eel with sliced onion.

[Step 3] : Heat. Put the canned eel on the stove to heat.

[Step 4] :  Cut the vegetables. Cut the chilled lettuce and coriander into pieces and put them in a bowl.

cut the lettuce

[Step 5] : Season. Add salt and black pepper to the lettuce bowl and mix well.

add black peper

[Step 6] : For rice, put the cooked rice into a bowl and spread it.

Put the rice into a bowl

[Step 7] : Place a plate and spread the mixed lettuce on the rice

[Step 8] : Place on a plate and arrange the heated canned eel on top of the rice and lettuce.

add the lettuce

[Step 9]Boil eggs Benedict

boiled egg

[Step 10] : Add a small amount of white vinegar (you can also use white wine vinegar) to boiling water and mix well.

add egg

Tips ▼

White vinegar is added to cook eggs Benedict to allow the proteins to set quickly. Use a spoon to create whirlpools of water. Pour the eggs into whirlpools of water, turn off the heat and let steep for 3 minutes.