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How to make unagi pancake? | unagi recipe

Everyone has eaten pancake before, and they are so convenient and diverse that all the delicious things come together in one bite, and all the taste buds are swept away

Today, I taught you how to make this pancake, the unagi is hot and scorched, the crust is very strong, with refreshing vegetables, crisp potato chips and the sweet and sour taste of Thousand Island sauce, let people bite one after another, really answered that sentence, half an hour to make the pancake, and two minutes to eat the unagi pancake!

unagi into pancake

Prepare inpredients for uangi pancake

Ingredients: unagi kabayaki 165g, 250g flour, lettuce, cucumber, sweet pepper, potato chips, millet pepper, hot water, chili powder, Thousand Island sauce, salt, oil

inpredients for unagi pancake

How to make unagi pancake?

【Step 1】: Put flour in a large bowl, add a little salt, while heating water while mixing with chopsticks, stir into flocculous and knead into dough, cover with plastic wrap xing for 20 minutes;

knead dough


【Step 2】: The cucumber clean, cut into slightly thick strips, bell pepper into strips, millet pepper into circles;

cut the cuke

cut the pepper

cut chili

【Step 3】: Cut the unagi kabayaki thawed to semi-hard into strips, dip them with cornstarch and set aside;

cut the unagi

processe unagi

【Step 4】: Heat oil in the wok, fry unagi strips in the wok for about 10 seconds, then sprinkle with chilli powder.

fried th unagi

【Step 5】: The dough is divided into 6 pieces, round cover with plastic film;

processes dough

【Step 6】: Take a dough and roll it with a rolling pin into a thin dough.

roll the dough

【Step 7】: Take a pan, do not put oil, put the rolled dough into the pan into the middle of the bubble, then turn over until the color can be baked;

fired the dough

【Step 8】: One by one cake, cover with tea towel or plastic wrap for later use (to prevent cake hardening);

keep fresh

【Step 9】: Put lettuce, bell pepper and cucumber strips on top, then eel strips on top.

add unagi on dough

【Step 10】: Then put on your favorite dressing, salad dressing or Thousand Island dressing, and then put on millet pepper;

add sauce

【Step 11】: Add some chips for extra crunch, then roll them up and you're done!

add chips

TIPS : Because the unagi is already well seasoned, so there is no need to marinate, put the oil in the frying will be more fragrant, lazy people can directly cut into the microwave for two minutes.

unagi into pancake

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Make their own roll toughness, a variety of tastes in the mouth blend, spicy, crisp, sweet and sour, rich taste has layers, after eating lips and teeth stay fragrant, let people linger ~