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Use frozen roasted eel for eel rice

I have seen a lot of Japanese cartoons, and the most impressive food is eel rice. I feel that eel rice is so delicious, and it was instantly taken by Amway! I went to many supermarkets, but could not buy frozen eels, only frozen roasted eel. With the frozen roasted, you can also eat Japanese eel rice with high appearance level at home. The appearance level is as good as that of Japanese food shop.

I made this eel rice myself. Fat eel meat, crispy skin, soft rice, delicious eel sauce, taste is not too good! With hot rice, it's a perfect match, a mouthful of tender and juicy eel, a mouthful of sweet and soft rice, super delicious. Moreover, eel has high nutritional value, which is conducive to strengthening immunity, filling essential nutrients for imagination, promoting the brain development of young children and enhancing memory. Eels are also rich in zinc and vitamin E, a natural beauty treat for ladies.

eel rice

Prepare ingredients for eel rice

The ingredients : 100g unagi kabayaki, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of starch water and 1 bowl of rice

How to make eel rice?

【Step 1】: Break two eggs into a bowl, add two tablespoons of starchy water and season with a little salt

eggs for eel rice

【Step 2】: Whisk egg mixture with chopsticks to blend

stir egg

【Step 3】: Brush a wok with a little oil, bring it to a low heat, and pour in the egg mixture to form an egg skin.

make egg pancake

【Step 4】: Roll up the scrambled egg skin and cut it into strips

pancake on rice

【Step 5】: Microwave unagi kabayaki on high for 3 minutes (if you can't find eels, fry them with basa fish until slightly charred and pour teriyaki sauce for similar taste)

heat the eel

【Step 6】: Make a wooden bento box with rice on the bottom and egg skin on top.

pancake on rice

【Step 7】: Place the heated eel on the rice, garnish with a little lettuce, and you have a bowl of quick-fried eel rice. Super delicious, especially white rice mixed with sweet eel sauce, delicious without anything!

make eel rice

Eel is rich in nutrients, thick but not greasy taste, people can't stop! Japanese restaurants often charge hundreds of yuan for eel rice, which can be perfectly copied in 5 minutes at home, saving money and time.

eat eel rice


1. Eels can be cooked in a tin foil oven at 200 degrees for 5 minutes.

2. Unagi kabayaki must choose high-quality live eel, cheap dead eel taste wood, more thorns have earthy taste.

3. The rice must be hot to bring out the sweet flavour of the sauce.

4. The cooked eel rice can be sprinkled with roasted white sesame seeds. It can be matched with vegetables

5. Authentic Japanese eel rice is served with egg skin.

6. When the egg skin must be low fire, in order to prevent the egg skin from cracking and swelling.