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Fried unagi with bamboo shoots | chinese uangi recipe

Together with the spring breeze, the tips of the bamboo shoots break through the soil on the mountain, and the season to eat bamboo shoots finally comes.

Scoop up a basket of the tenderest spring bamboo shoots and saute them with fresh unagi kabayaki for a quick meal.

The spring bamboo shoots are as white as jade, and the meat is tender and delicious. Spring bamboo shoots are rich in nutrition, containing sufficient water and plant protein, fat and other nutrients. Spring bamboo shoots have the function of appetizing and invigorating the spleen, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar and enhancing human immunity.

bamboo shoots

The color is lovely, the smell is inviting, the combination of bamboo shoot and unagi fresh sweet, is the most homely and fresh taste of spring.

Prepares ingredients for fired unagi with bamboo shoots


350g unagi kabayaki , 3 fresh mushroom, 2 red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, 1/2 fresh bamboo shoot, 1/4 onion, oil, salt, sesame oil, cooking wine, soy sauce, edible oil, ginger, garlic, cornstarch.

ingredients for fried unagi with bamboo shoots

How to make fird unagi with bamboo shoots?

【Step 1】: Defrost unagi kabayaki and cut it into palatability size, evenly pat cornflour, wash vegetables and set aside;

cut unagi

process unagi

【Step 2】: Slice the shelled fresh bamboo shoots and mushrooms separately;

cut bamboo shoots

【Step 3】: Dreen red yellow pepper oblique knife, onion and ginger garlic slice;

cut garlic

cut peper

【Step 4】: Boil a pot of water and blanch the winter bamboo shoots for about three minutes to remove the cold water. Fresh bamboo shoots should be blanched otherwise they will have astringent taste;

boil bamboo shoots

【Step 5】: Heat up the oil in the wok until it is 60% hot (if the chopsticks are put into the wok and bubbles around it, it means the oil is warm). Fry the prepared unagi until golden brown, and remove it for later use.

fried unagi

【Step 6】: In a separate wok, add shredded ginger, sliced garlic, onion and green, red and yellow pepper and stir fry mushrooms for a while

fried bamboo shoots and peper

【Step 7】: Add blanched winter bamboo shoots after stir-frying;

add bamboo shoots

【Step 8】: Stir fry until medium cooked, then add some cooking wine, soy sauce, oil and salt, then add the fried unagi;

add unagi

【Step 9】: Quickly stir fry, drizzle a little sesame oil out of the pot, sprinkle with scallions, and a dish of delicious and spicy fried unagi is ready

fried unagi with bamboo shoots