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Deep-fried eel stick | eel recipe

What comes to mind when you think of eels?

Eel sushi?

Or eel fried rice? Or grilled eel?

As an eel lover, He said he would like to eat alternative practices

Probably never forget, there will be echoes

After eating eel 100 times, I finally tasted it!

Quick chef in one minute to make deep-fried eel stick.

It's so good you could swallow it with your tongue!

deep fried unagi with sauce

Prepare ingredients for deep-fired eel stick

【Prepare ingredients】 : kabayaki eel, salt and pepper, tomato sauce or thousand island sauce, cornflour, breadcrumbs, eggs.

How to make deep-fried eel sitck?

【Step 1】 : Defrost kabayki eel and cut it into long strips for later use;

cut the unagi

【Step 2】 : In a bowl, beat the eggs and set aside.

Curry Eel rich -6

【Step 3】 : The cornflour, bread crumbs into a clean plate respectively;

【Step 4】 : Wrap the eel strips with cornstarch, then roll them in egg mixture, then wrap them with breadcrumbs, and set them aside for a while.

【Step 5】 : Heat the oil in the pan, and when the oil temperature rises to 5-6 percent, put a grain of breadcrumbs into it and it will float immediately, indicating that the oil temperature is enough for eel strips;

deep fried unagi with sauce

【Step 6】 : Fry eel strips one by one over medium heat until golden brown. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with tomato sauce or Thousand Island sauce, or sprinkle with heated eel juice

deep-fried unagi


Because grilled eels are already seasoned, you can skip the marinating process.

eat unagi

The crispy fried eel that had just arrived on the plate was golden and crispy, so crispy that it didn't even take the blink of an eye to crack with a stick.