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Roast unagi with potato | unagi recipe

Potatoes are an amazing ingredient, they taste great any way! However, if you can get a little creative and serve this dish to your family or friends, they might be amazed at what a potato can do! 

Nutritious potatoes and fragrant unagi kabayaki collocation together, and what kind of "spark"? Come and try eel organ potatoes. Kids will love this unique snack, which looks like either an organ or a caterpillar.

roast uangi with potatoes

Prepare Ingredient for roast unagi with potatoes

【Ingredient】 : unagi kabayaki, potato, cheese s, garlic, black pepper, salt, oil.

ingredients for raost unagi with potatoes

How to make roast unagi with potato?

【 Step 1 】 :  Defrost unagi in advance, wash potatoes and mince garlic;

Finely mince the garlic

【 Step 2 】 : Wash the potatoes on the chopping board, can be peeled or not to go, put two chopsticks under the potatoes (so that they will not be cut), and then at right angles to cut evenly even knife slices;

slice the potato

【 Step 3 】 : Wrap the cut potatoes in tin foil and bake them in a preheated oven for about 4-50 minutes at 180°;

roaste potato

【 Step 4 】 : While baking the potatoes, slice the defrosted eel diagonally. If the eel is long, cut it in half.

slice the unagi

【 Step 5 】 :  Mix the minced garlic, oil, freshly ground black pepper, salt and the remaining eel juice in a bowl.

unagi sauce

【 Step 6 】 : After taking the potato out of the oven, pinch the potato chips or stick them in with a chopstick until they become soft or the chopsticks can pass through. At this time, insert the unagi into the gap between the potato chips;

insert the eel to the potatoes

【 Step 7 】 : Brush with the prepared sauce and sprinkle with some cheese sauce.

add the eel sauce

【 Step 8 】 : Bake the potatoes in the oven for about 15 minutes until the cheese is melted and colored. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and the eel organ potatoes are ready

add the cheese

The cooking process, Chinese eel fresh sweet potatoes and a combination of soft waxy, coupled with the flavour of cheese, garlic aroma, is really crisp sweet flavor, every sip has rich layers of taste and smell ~ is also simple, cut into organ shape a little test knife, but rest assured, not cut so thin it doesn't matter, just as good!

unagi with potato

Whether it is for dinner, afternoon tea, staple food or side dishes, it is always the protagonist with good appearance and connotation