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Unagi and avocado mixed rice-eel recipe

I heard that avocado and soy sauce together will have the taste of salmon, so I made a modified version of the rice mix, using puyaki eel and avocado. It is not only nutritious, but also beautiful and delicious

uangi and avocado mixed rice

Ingredients for unagi and avocado bibimbap

Prepare ingredients: unagi kabayaki, avocado, rice, sesame, nori, children's soy sauce, egg

unagi and avocado mixed rice-1

unagi kabayaki

How to make eel and avocado mixed rice

step 1 : Defrost the unagi kabayaki in advance, cut it into pieces and put it into a high-temperature plate. Bake it for 2 minutes in the microwave oven or bake it at 200 degrees for 3 minutes;

unagi and avocado mixed rice-2

step 2 : Cut the avocado in half vertically, scoop out the core, slice the flesh and add a squeeze of lemon juice to prevent oxidation.

unagi and avocado mixed rice-3

step 3 : Place rice in a bowl, followed by avocado and unagi kabayaki.

unagi and avocado mixed rice-4

step 4 : Peel the eggs and cut them in half. Put them into a bowl, sprinkle with Shanghai moss and sesame seeds, and pour soy sauce.

unagi and avocado mixed rice-5

step 5 : A Unagi and avocado mixed rice is ready, with a hot drink and fruit. It is nutritious and delicious

unagi and avocado mixed rice-6

The most convenient thing about bibimbap is that it brings together all kinds of delicious and fresh ingredients you like. It gives off an attractive fragrance while stirring, which stimulates people's sense of smell and makes them unconsciously salivate. 

They just want to put the delicious food into their mouth and swallow it into their lungs

Put the mixed rice into your mouth and enjoy the delicious fragrance. The delicious eel meat is combined with rice and avocado, and a little egg is best

The rice is warm and rustic, topped with chunks of grilled eel, tinged with the pale green and cream of avocado, and served with a poached egg and crunchy asparagus that melds in the mouth into a wondrous and beautiful flavor.