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Eel cola pie-eel recipe | Eelpro Co.,Ltd

At first, I thought there was coke in eel cola pie, but later I realized it was transliteration.  Potatoes are the heart and soul of the cake. 

Soft mashed potatoes with Onions and meat are fried until golden brown on the outside, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's easy to make at home.

The ingredients in the coke cake can be modified according to individual be fond of, can be Fried Fried, shape also can change with their heart, except potatoes in raw material can be replaced, today put meat for eels, inside still have surprise, during the World Cup to stay up late, bring you the enjoyment on the palate, the sublimation of the soul the ~

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Prepare materials: uangi kabayaki, potato, onion, breadcrumbs, egg, cornflour, black pepper, salt, oil;

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Step 1 : Wash potatoes first, peel them and cut them into large pieces. Steam them in the pot until done (it is easy to penetrate with chopsticks, indicating that they are done).

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Step 2 : Mash the potatoes into a large bowl and set aside (use a colander from your home hotpot).

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Step 3 : Cut half of the unagi into small pieces and half into pieces about 5 cm long and 2 cm wide. Cut the onion into small pieces and set aside.

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Step 4 : Heat oil in wok, add onion and stir-fry until transparent

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Step 4 : Add the eel, a little salt and freshly ground black pepper and mix well.

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Step 5 : Add the fried eel to the mashed potatoes to test the taste and adjust the saltiness and sweetness to your taste.

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Step 6 : Put on disposable gloves, take some mashed potatoes and flatten them out on the palm, then place a piece of eel.


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Step 7 : Shape mashed potatoes and eels into an oval shape.

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Step 8 : Roll egg mixture, cornflour and breadcrumbs in three plates. Coat with egg mixture and breadcrumbs. Leave to rest for 10 minutes

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Step 9 : Put the oil in the wok and wait until the oil is 50% hot. Put the cakes in the wok one by one and turn them over gently until golden on both sides.

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Golden and fragrant eel cola cake is ready! Looks very attractive ~?

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You can also add cheese to the bread for a more mellow taste!

If you want a more crispy coke cake, you can make it thinner while shaping, so that the mouth is fragrant and crispy. The mashed potatoes and the ingredients are cooked, and you don't need to fry them too long. Fry the skin until golden brown on both sides and serve

Look! Coke cake appearance golden yellow, when cut is a crisp shell, one bite can feel the mashed potato inside is very soft, mixed with the unique flavor of eel in the mouth diffused, and a cup of coke, is not worthy of the name of the "Coke cake"? ~

Fried goods although eat more bad, but you can rest assured, when watching the ball game to such a plate of snacks, coupled with some other snacks, Coke or beer, stay up late, we are serious!