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Eel fried dumpling - a Chinese eel food

Eel fried dumpling are a kind of food loved by many people. They are crisp and soft, fragrant and filled with various fillings. After a mouthful, the crispy skin is a delicious juice, which can make people fresh off their eyebrows.

Today, we use unagi kabayaki to make pot stickers, which has a special flavor. Under the crispy skin , the eel meat is delicious and juicy, salty and slightly sweet, just right for one bite

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The materials required of Eel fried dumpling 

Preparation materials: unagi kabayaki, green onion, ginger, dumpling skin, sesame, pepper, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt, oil, boiled water

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How to make Eel fried dumpling 

Step 1 :Defrost unagi kabayaki in advance and cut it into small cubes

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Step 2 : Wash the green onion and ginger, slice the ginger, then cut it into pieces, chop the white and green onion separately and set aside

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Step 3 : In a bowl, add chopped ginger and chopped scallion, add a little salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and pepper and stir to form the minced eel. (If you have mushrooms and fungus at home, you can add some flavor, I added some peeled corn.)

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Step 4 : Take a wrappers, put the meat in long strips in the center of the wrappers, and leave a little space at both ends

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Step 5 : Kneading in the middle, leaving an opening on each side, kneading in the middle slightly down, a pot stickers embryo is ready (if the pot stickers are not turned can not be pressed)

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Step 6 : Make the pot stickers one by one, put some oil in the pan, not too much, then turn the pan so that the oil covers the bottom of the pan (even with a brush), then add the pot stickers one by one;

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Step 7 : Wait until the water in the pot is almost dry, turn the pot stickers over, pour boiling water again, also immediately cover the lid and fry until the water is dry;

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Step 8 : After the water dries, sprinkle with sesame seeds and chopped scallions, and the crispy eel sticker

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There is also a way to do not need to turn over, fried to a little brown after directly add boiled water to two-thirds of the dumplings, and then simmer until the water is dry, sprinkled with scallions and sesame seeds, can also be in accordance with the 1:10 ratio of flour and water instead of boiling water do ice fried dumplings oh ~

Dip: in a bowl, add chopped garlic and scallions, then add oil, soy sauce, pepper and vinegar. Pour a little hot oil to stir up the flavor