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unagi pizza recipe | Eelpro Co., Ltd

unagi pizza is not only nutritious, but also high in appearance. It will definitely whet your child's appetite. Most importantly, it will save time and effort and taste delicious! It is estimated that 11 out of 10 children like pizza. Every time I pass the pizza shop, there are many children. It is very lively.

You can also put whatever you want on the pizza according to your child's taste, and you can make your own sauces. Nice! Let's make your own pizza for your child


Ingredients for unagi pizza

Ingredients: unagi kabayaki, pizza crust, mushrooms, asparagus, tomato, onion, tomato sauce, black pepper, Mozzarella cheese, salt, olive oil, bacon, egg.

How to make unagi pizza?

Step 1: Wash the vegetables, dice half of the onion and the other half into rings or shreds, dice the tomatoes, peel and dice the asparagus, slice the mushrooms and bacon.

step 2 : Next is the main character of this time, the little meat eel, the world unagi kabayaki grand appearance, Deng Deng cut the eel into slices, when it is not completely thawed, it is more convenient to cut


step 3 : Add the olive oil, add the chopped onion and stir-fry until golden brown. Add the diced tomato and stir-fry for a while. Then add the tomato paste and salt and simmer until thickened

 step 4 : Brush the defrosted crust with pizza sauce, brush the edges with egg wash, and line the bottom with mozzarella cheese.

 step 5 :  Add mushrooms, shredded Onions, asparagus, bacon and other vegetables.

unagi pizza-10

 step 6 :  finally put the unagi kabayaki, stagger, and finally put a layer of mozzarella cheese (also can follow the cheese - vegetable - bacon - cheese - eel such order, and then put some cheese in the eel space, eel on the top of the roast will be more charred

  step 7 : Preheat the oven and bake the pizza at 180° for 15-18 minutes. When you see the color change, serve on a plate

unagi pizza-13

Different ovens have different temperaments. you must pay attention to the heat during the baking process and do not overcook. Vegetables can be randomly matched according to their own hobbies, so that the best effect of cheese wire refrigeration defrost.

unagi pizza-14

 Making method of cake base: 125 g to 250 g flour, milk, egg, salt, 1 2 grams, 20 grams of sugar, melt butter mixed evenly, 15 grams of fermentation to 2 times as big as, half fermented dough out exhaust after rolling than rest baking dish of one another in a non-stick baking pan, the redundant edges rolled up inside, with a fork fork out a small hole on the rest on another, avoid in the process of baked crust summon up. 

Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for half an hour. (This method can make two eight-inch cake bases, if only one is needed, cut the ingredients in half.)

unagi -17

The skin is brown, inlaid with large chunks of soft and tender eel, sending out a bright and attractive sauce, with crisp asparagus and mushrooms, every one of them makes my mouth water ~ every bite can feel the fatness of eel, and the dense and sweet taste of cheese, I think no child can resist ~