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Eel is a nutritious food in fish. Eel soup has high nutritional value and replenishes the bodyEnergy, enhance immunity, enhance physical fitness, body strong also can let the body more fulfilling.

Eel soup to make clear soup nutritional value is higher, but the eel soup nutrition also can let our body to absorb, stewed eels soup is a lot of people, but to make some of the details of a lot of people are not, the stewed eels soup is there are a lot of exquisite production process, So what are the ways of stewing eel soup?

eel soup

Ingredients for eel soup

prepare ingredients: freshi water eel meat cut into thin strips, sweet potato powder, ginger, rice wine, salt and aginomoto.

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How to make eel soup

Step 1 : The eel meat should be cut into thin strips first. Sea eels have many thin bones, so it should be cut smoothly.Put in ginger, rice wine, salt and aginomoto together pickling, the best is half an hour;

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stp 2 : Add sweet potato powder to coat all fresh and sweet

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step 3 : to throw oh, fall out of the glue, will Q bomb;

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step 4 : Finally boil a pot of water, add ginger to the fishy, salt into the bottom taste, and then pick the eel soup into the pot, eel soup surface is cooked.

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step 5 : Remember to use some rice wine and pepper, which not only adds flavor, but also helps ward off the cold.

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What is there to be afraid of being cold when you are warm after eating hot?

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