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Unagi and egg rice | unagi recipe

Remember the unagi egg rice at Lonely Gourmet? "Inside is a juicy unagi, sweet and thick. Even under the egg skin, the unagi is the unagi, and the egg skin is the eel without losing its flavor."

unagi egg rice

Ingredients for unagi egg rice

Prepare the  ingredients : unagi kabayaki 108g, corn kernels 50g, celery 30g, rice 2g, egg 45g, salt 240g, chicken powder 60g

How to make unagi egg rice?

Step1 : chop unagi kabayaki into small pieces and set aside.

cut unagi

Step2 : corn cut, celery cut into the same size as corn grains.

celery cut

Step3 : Stir-fry the corn kernels and celery until done, then transfer to a plate

Fry corn kernel and celery

Step4 : Add the remaining rice and fry it.

add rice

Step5 : After frying, add corn and celery.

add kernel and celery

Step6 : Add eel pieces, add a little chicken powder, salt to taste and stir well.

add unagi

Step7 :  Beat the eggs.

whip egg

Step8 : wipe a little oil in the pot, oil need not much, pour into egg liquid shake evenly.

fry egg

Step9 : When the egg mixture is not completely set, add the fried rice. You can put the meal on one side or in the middle as you like.

add rice and uangi

Step10 : shovel egg skin to the middle, wrap rice, buckle upside down on the plate, finally squeeze tomato sauce, sprinkle on the pork floss and seaweed decoration can.


Tip :

1. Don't put too much rice, too much will not wrap, too little will not look good.

2 must be small heat fry, fry the egg surface a little solidified turn off the heat, can not fry too long, otherwise the egg skin will be old, it is easy to break!


3. Instead of cutting the eel into pieces, serve it whole on a fried egg roll with some teriyaki sauce. It's delicious!