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Unagi meatball soup recipe

At home, my mother often do unagi meatball soup for me, I now also you make time for my mother to eat, really very delicious sweet, but I want to declare, must want to have more time and more confidence to be able to do, because pick bones are very careful, small make up then give you a detailed introduction of the method of making the uangi meatball soup.

unagi meatball soup

Prepare Ingredients for unagi meatball soup

Preparation materials : unagi, salt, water, pepper, cooking wine, scallion, ginger, flammulina mushroom, fungus.

How to make unagi meatball soup?

Step 1 : Deboning the unagi, hold the tail, remove the fish from the tail to the head, and cut the head and bone into pieces for later use;

Step 2 : Put the fish into the blender, stir into the meat paste, beat the meat paste into a suitable container;

unagi paste

Step 3 : In the fish mud add a little cooking wine, ginger, salt, pepper, cornstarch, water a little;

Join regulate

Step 4 : Along a direction to stir up strength, the middle of the fish mud can be forced to beat a few times, so that the fish balls will be more powerful;

stir unagi

Step 5 : Add appropriate amount of water in the pot, heat, be careful not to boil the water;

boil the water

Step 6 :  One hand to catch a velvet fish from the mouth of the round, with a spoon into the water;

make meatball

Step 7 : water to boil add a little cold water, slowly fish balls will float up, pick up the cold water, can increase the taste of Q bomb;

boil meatball

Step 8 : Prepare green onion, ginger, flammulina mushroom (can be replaced with other mushrooms) fungus and other ingredients;

prepare vegetables

Step 9 : Heat the pot with oil, add shallots and shredded ginger, and stir until fragrant;

Add oil to the pan

Step 10 :  Add fish head and bones and fry them slightly;

fried fish

Step 11 : Add proper amount of boiling water and slowly boil until the fish soup becomes white.

add the water

Step 4 : add fish balls, mushrooms, fungus and other ingredients, boil until the fish soup boils again can be out of the pot;

add vegetables

unagi meatball soup

A bowl of steaming, nutritious and delicious mushroom unagi ball soup is ready ~